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Wedding Ceremonies, Renewal of Marriage Vows 1, Life Partner Ceremonies 2 are customized to your needs and performed at the location of your choice. Please feel free to write your own vows, or use one of ours. We look forward to performing your religious or non-denominational ceremony.

Choose and customize your own ceremony that will most accurately reflect the love you have for each other, or use one of ours. We can perform either traditional or non-traditional ceremonies and some of our themed ceremonies are listed below. Do you have a special idea or theme for your ceremony? Please contact us so we can help make your special day, SPECIAL! You must get your marriage license first, see the Wedding FAQ for marriage license locations. Check our prices.

  • Hot August Nights and Car Weddings: Get married in, or next to your Classic! *

  • Balloon & Air Race Weddings: Get married in a balloon, airplane or next to a classic airplane! *

  • Street Vibrations and Motorcycle Weddings: Can be performed standing beside, between or on your bike (Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory, etc.) with the bride sitting in back or front. Clothing can be formal, fancy, casual or riding gear. We can do weddings in groups, single or while on a run. Multiple couple weddings discount available. We can supply photographer (cost extra). Get hitched to your riding partner! *

  • Italian Festival, Rib and Chile cook-off’s, plus many others.

  • Special occasions such as Valentines day, Birthdays, Halloween, New Years Eve at mid-night. Magic days such as 11/11/11, plus many others
  • Shotgun Weddings 3: This is Symbolic, as the father of the bride or other Bridal party members stand by holding a shotgun [For safety reasons, shotguns are NOT loaded and NO ammunition is present!]
    Ceremonies can be performed almost anywhere.

  • Firearm Weddings 3: Before, during or after the marriage ceremony **, everyone shoots handguns, rifles and/or shotguns.

    * You must supply the Vehicle, Balloon or aircraft.

    ** We recommend shooting activities follow the marriage ceremony. You must supply the firearms and ammunition.

    For your safety, NO ammunition is present during shotgun ceremonies. ALL live fire shooting activities at firearm ceremonies are supervised by one or more Certified Firearms Instructors and Range Safety Officers. The number of CFI's and RSO's depend on the type of firearms used and the number of shooters on the line. NO alcohol is to be consumed prior to, or during the shooting activities and alcohol is NOT allowed on the shooting range. Reverend Weiss is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer, licensed Nevada CCW Instructor and the owner of Weicor Firearms Training.

      Legal Note - Nevada:

        1) Marriage Ceremonies comply with the laws of the state of Nevada.

          "Only a marriage between a male and female person shall be recognized and given effect in this state." Section 21 of the Constitution of the state of Nevada

        2) Life Partner Ceremonies are NOT Marriage Ceremonies, but are great when you want something to express your love for each other, or when a marriage ceremony can not be performed.

        3) Firearm weddings comply with Federal and state of Nevada firearm laws.

      Legal Note - Other areas:

        1) Marriage Ceremonies comply with the laws of the state or country where they are performed.

    We will perform your Wedding, Life Partner Ceremony, or Renewal of Vows your way, offering the best possible service and vows for the most amenable cost that we can give you and your bride or groom. The cost of the service depends on many things, how fancy, how long, the kind of vows you want and what special memories you want to take with you into your future for your Special Wedding Day. Remember, this Special Day will stay with you for the rest of your life together, so make it really be the best you can. Allow yourself to dream of everything that you would like to have happen on your Special Day and let us help make it happen for you.

    Typical places for weddings are a favorite park, scenic mountain side meadows, trails if you have a special location that is easily accessible, hotels, scenic-historic places, or special events in the area like; down on the River at one of the many parks that line the Truckee river, Hot August Nights, Street Vibrations, The Rib Festival, the Balloon Races, Air Races and the Camel Races in Virginia City, etc.... We do NOT offer a location to hold Chapel Services at this time. You supply the location and we come to you.