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The NV ULC Board of Directors has granted permission for members of our congregation to make copies of, and use this lesson.

Object Lesson: How I know God loves me

SCRIPTURAL CHOICES Deut 7:8 But because the Lord love you, and because the Lord will keep His promise to your fathers, the Lord protects you with a mighty hand.

Deut 7:9 Know therefore that the Lord, your God, He is God, the Faithful, who keeps promises and has mercy with all.

Psalms 33:5 God loves righteousness and justice: therefore, the Earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.

Psalms 91:14 Because God loves me…He knows my name.

1John 3:1 Listen up! Pay attention! Looky here!

What marvelous love God has given us that we should be called the sons of God

1John 3:2….we shall be like God because we see God as He is.

1 John 3:11 For this is the message that you will learn from the beginning, that we must love another.

John 16:27 For the Father (God) loves you…

Romans 5:5 And hope never disappoints because the Love of God is everywhere around us and lives is put into our hearts by the Spirit of God.

1Timothy 1:5 But the aim of this teaching is Love that flows from a pure heart a good conscious and sincere faith

2Timothy 1:7 For God does not give us fear but power and love and good behavior.

1Peter 8 In conclusion, live in harmony, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate tenderhearted, courteous and polite.

METAPHYSICAL READINGS From “Speaking Science of the Mind” by Ernest Holmes.

God has many names and his names expose many different attributes.

God is Absolute God cannot be limited.

God is perfection.

God is All the Substance, Life, Power, Love, Beauty Intelligence in the Universe.

God is Alpha, the beginning.

There is but one source of Being that is GOD and we are connected with It at all times.

The Cosmic mind is the mind of God.

Creation is God making something out of Himself, by becoming the thing He creates. Therefore, we are truly all sons of God.

The Creator, the Unchangeable, the Indestructurable that is behind and responsible for all existence. The thought of God goes on forever.

Man makes use of the same Laws that God uses. In ourselves is the same nature that we find in God. We are like God we are God as us. We walk and talk with the Father (GOD) within us. We have but to speak and He answers.

God indwells (Lives in) everything He creates.

The God within us is the Divine Mind. Our regular (mortal mind) mind is used to describe the mind that gathers information through our senses of touch, sight, sound, taste, smell; remember, The Divine Mind is the real mind.

Our desire to be happy, prosperous and well is from God.

Emmanuel means “God with us”.

God the First Cause, the Great I AM, the Unborn One, , the Uncreated, the Absolute, the Unconditioned, The One and Only Spirit, Creative Energy, Love, Wisdom, Intelligence, Power, Substance, Mind. The Truth. The Principle.

The Divine Spark, Birthless, Deathless.

As we recognize the attributes of God they become ours to use, we become “enlightened.”

God knows nothing outside Itself. It is the Center and Circumference of everything that exists. It has no enemies, no differences, no otherness, no apartness it is Undivided. Complete and perfect in Itself. It is All. It cannot be hindered in any way shape or form. In moments of real inspiration we realize that God is All.

One Life flows through ALL.

The I Am is the Light of the world.

The Word was with God and God was the Word.

Love is the self-giving of the Spirit of God through the desire of Life to express itself in terms of creation.

Love is a synonym for God.

Love is free from condemnation and free from fear.

Love is a Cosmic Force whose power is irresistible.

Man is the objectification of God in human form. The idea of God is manifested in the body of people.

People are the highest expression of God on this planet.

We are not God, but the reality within us is God.

God is All-powerful.

God is All Knowing, All Perceiving.

God is constant Presence of the Whole God is everywhere.

God is IN all man and all things.

God is always at peace because there is nothing to disturb it.

Our Oneness with God brings peace.

God is Personal to all who believe in Him.

God is responsive to all who approach Him. The Presence is God. We should turn to the God within which is the Father in Heaven, recognize It as the One and Only Power in the Universe and unify with it, identify with it, declare our words to be that of God. We should stand aside and let the One Perfect Life flow through us.

We are one with the Goodness of God.

Unity is the Oneness of God with Man.



You are One with God

Because Gods ways are your ways

God Loves you……You are love, you give love and you get love.

Who else loves you?

Who else do you love?

What else do you love?

God is Joy (happy) …..You are Joy (happy)

Who makes you happy?

How do they make you happy?

How do you make them happy?

What things make you happy?

God is happy He made you ……Your Mom and Dad are happy God made you

What makes you happy when you are with Mom and/or Dad?

What do you do that makes Mom or Dad happy?

What fun places do you and Mom or Dad go to?

God is Beauty because He creates beauty…You are beautiful

What things that God created are beautiful to you?

Suggest: sunshine, flowers, pets etc.

What beautiful thoughts do have?

God is Peace …You are peace

Peace is calmness, harmony, freedom from worry or stress

What things are full of peace to you?

Suggest: a pleasant voice, a smile, a hug,

When are you peace?

Suggest: being nice to siblings, sleeping, thinking


During the reading and lesson session I suggest playing in the background or take separate time to impress with music selections and or sing along.

Kids Bop Gold or 7 CD

Here comes the Sun

How sweet it is to be loved by you.

I’ll be there

Happy together

Yellow Submarine

You are the sunshine of my life

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Good morning sunshine

Dancing in the street.


During the lesson and discussion after the readings:

Have the kids make circular discs from foam sheets, labeled as appropriate; Love, joy, peace, courage, kind, happy, etc. to be used in hopscotch games. Let them pick a favorite disc and use it as a marker for their throw stone. Alternatively, label the hopscotch squares as appropriate then use special stones you have brought in that each child as selected one from to use as a throw stone.

If the boys do not want to play hopscotch, they can draw a map of their home, school, church, park, and friends’ houses and use appropriate labels to demonstrate where they find love, peace, joy, etc.


Kidz bop gold CD
CD Player
Colored Chalk
Concrete area or wooden area to draw on the floor
Drawing Materials
Building Materials
Blocks, legos, paper cut opts etc.
Glue, gluesticks, etc

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